Legislate ranks 49 in TechRound's 2022 top 100 startups

Legislate ranks 49 in TechRound's 2022 top 100 innovative startups and tech companies

November 24, 2022

Legislate ranks 49 in TechRound's 2022 top 100 innovative startups and tech companies

Legislate's Founder and CEO is named amongst the startup elite in the top 100 startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs in 2022. Legislate is in the top 100 for the second year running, ranking number 65 in TechRound's top 100 innovative startups and tech companies for 2021.

This is TechRound's 3rd annual TechRound 100 competition and the feedback from the judges shows that TechRound received over 3,000 applications for the top 100 places, putting Legislate in the top 50% of the selected applicants. The competition followed a round of judging from an expert panel: James Mercer (tayp), Stephanie Affleck (Little Fashion House), Alex Buttle (Motorway), Jeffrey Faustin (Jenson Funding Partners), and Sabrina Chevannes (Complex Creative).

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“With just over 3,000 applications this year, we were all blown away by the quality of entries including startups that operate in multiple countries and have raised vast amounts through funding rounds.”

Top spot went to Simon Hansford of Itero Technologies, a chemical recycling technology company that converts non-recyclable plastic waste into useful chemical products. Previous winners of TechRound 100 include Greg Smyth and Jimmy Williams, who founded Urban Jungle Insurance, a fully digital insurance company, and Jamie Crummie who founded TooGoodtoGo, an app that helps restaurants to eliminate food waste.

TechRound was founded in 2016, it is an independent voice for start-ups and tech companies in the UK. The platform offers articles, interviews, campaigns and competitions providing 300,000 monthly readers with the latest insights. 

Ahead of next years TechRound 100, Legislate plans to further climb the list by reaching new markets and implementing new and novel ways of creating, accessing and using contract data to provide users with a seamless and previously unseen contracting experience.

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