Legislate Features on Business in Europe TV Programme

Legislate Features on “Business in Europe” TV Programme

December 2, 2022

Legislate Features on “Business in Europe” TV Programme

Legislates CEO and founder, Charles Brecque, featured on the Dutch TV programme "Business in Europe". The show aired in the Netherlands this month on RTL7.

Charles spoke about how Legislate makes it easy for businesses to create contracts and track the data they contain. He discussed the pain points the business is solving and his plans to connect Legislate to the rest of the world.

Business in Europe is an internationally oriented TV programme. It features innovative companies with the ambition to grow or expand into European market, making the show attractive to Dutch businesses and investors.

Read the transcript here:

We're a legal technology company, which makes it easy for businesses and individuals to create lawyer-approved contracts on a legal budget. More importantly, we make it easy for them to track the data in their contracts. 50% of our clients are in property, the other half are in business. In property, it's typically individual landlords, medium-sized landlords, large letting agents. In business, we have anywhere from entrepreneurs just getting started to high-growth startups with over 50 employees. Our offering is a software application that our clients can login to from their browser, they select the contract they want to create, set the terms and sign it, all in one place. Behind the scenes we're using very innovative technology called Knowledge Graphs which we've patented, and it allows us to model the data in the contracts, apply logic, the same logic that lawyers would apply when they're looking at a contract. Then post-signature, this same technology makes the data queryable and our customers can ask very complicated questions about the data in their contracts. 


As a business owner, it can be very tempting to use a free contract or borrow a contract from a friend or a family member, etc., but contracts need to be tailored to your specific situation. If you're not doing that, then you're exposing a lot of risk. You might not notice the risk now, but you only really visit contracts when things go wrong and things do go wrong. So, that's why it is best to tailor your contracts every single time. We want to connect contracts to the world so that we can offer a better end-to-end contracting experience. Then once we've done that, we want to enter into new markets, including the US and Europe over the next 12 months. 

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