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Charles Brecque


October 6, 2023

When Does Your Startup Need a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

This article explains what a talent specialist does and outlines the key scenarios when your start up might be in need of one.

When Does Your Startup Need a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

If your startup is looking to acquire people who are ideal long-term fits, hiring a talent acquisition specialist could help.

Talent acquisition specialists aren’t only recruiters. They can go beyond filling your startup’s vacancies, and help find fresh talent to truly bring you ahead.

This article will cover:

  • What a talent acquisition specialist is, and what they do
  • When your startup might need a talent acquisition specialist.

Let’s get into it!

What is a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

A talent acquisition specialist strategically sources, assesses, and acquires new employees. 

They focus on “talents”: people whose skills and knowledge can bring good lasting value to your company.

Unlike recruiters, talent acquisition specialists prioritise long-term company goals when selectively searching for the best possible hires.

Key Responsibilities

While a talent acquisition specialist may have a variety of roles in your organisation, their key responsibilities usually include:

  • Attracting top talent
    They’ll be responsible for finding and reaching out to promising candidates. They might do this through avenues such as networking or online communities. 

They’re also responsible for presenting an attractive combination of benefits, wages, company culture, and so on.

  • Candidate Screening and Selection
    Talent acquisition specialists often work alongside recruiters to screen applicants and select the best person for the job. Their specialisation makes them key when hiring for more significant roles.

  • Collaborating with Key Stakeholders
    Talent acquisition specialists collaborate with key stakeholders as part of understanding what the company needs. They take into account all important input when deciding on the best long-term fit for the company. 

When Does Your Startup Need a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

When You Are Experiencing Rapid Business Growth and Expansion

If your startup is growing and expanding fast, you’ll soon need to bring more people on board. This may include people in significant roles, such as executives and specialists. 

You can ensure the quality of those hires with the help of a talent acquisition specialist.

When You Require Specialised Talent for the Team

It might be hard to find good talent with expertise in certain fields. Or perhaps your startup is looking for people with quite a specific combination of skills. 

A talent acquisition specialist can do the legwork of finding those people for you, and attract them to your startup. 

When You Have a High Volume of Job Openings and Recruitment Needs

The logical solution for needing to do a lot of recruitment is to hire more recruiters. However, it’s possible to fulfil some of those recruitment needs by hiring a talent acquisition specialist.

A talent acquisition specialist will consider how good of a fit for your startup the new talent will be. This means that, along with having better quality, important hires may stay at the company for longer.

When You Have Limited Internal HR Resources and Expertise

Sometimes, your existing HR resources may be lacking. Perhaps the expertise level isn’t enough to make outstanding enough hires to bring your startup to the next level.

In this case, the expertise and specific role of a talent acquisition specialist could provide a good boost for your HR team.

When You Want a Strategic and Proactive Approach to Talent Acquisition

If quality of talent acquisition matters to your startup, you’ll need a proper strategy. Preferably, that strategy should include proactively finding and reaching out to people who would bring the right skills to your company. 

A talent acquisition specialist’s role involves developing your talent acquisition strategy and spending the time to carry it out. 

When You Struggle to Attract and Retain Top Talent

It can be hard to find good quality talent for your startup, and harder still to attract and retain it. 

Talent acquisition specialists can help identify the gaps in your current strategies. They take charge of attracting top talent, with competitive benefits and good recruitment marketing.

They can help select those who fit in with your company. You’ll be more able to retain your top talent.

When You Need an Effective Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Strategy

A talent acquisition specialist is often quite well-versed in recruitment strategies. In the process of attracting top talent, they can strengthen the entirety of your employer brand and recruitment marketing strategy.

This will make your startup a more attractive place to work for all potential new employees. 

A talent acquisition specialist’s job extends beyond only those who make the most key differences.

Partnering with a top-tier branding agency in California amplifies the impact of a talent acquisition specialist, enhancing your employer brand and recruitment marketing strategy to attract exceptional new employees for your startup.

When You Want to Streamline and Optimise Recruitment Processes

A talent acquisition specialist can assist with the entire recruitment process. Furthermore, parts of the process can be delegated to them.

The talent acquisition specialist may even have the insight to improve the recruitment process’ design.

This will all contribute to streamlining and optimising the process.

When There Is High Competition for Talent in the Industry or Region

One reason it might be difficult to acquire the talent you need is high competition in your region or industry.

In such a competitive environment, a talent acquisition specialist’s role becomes more important. Talent becomes an important resource for growth, and a talent acquisition specialist can source it for your startup.

When You Have Ambitious Growth Plans and Talent Acquisition Goals

Even when your startup is starting on its journey, good quality talent can help you meet your plans for growth.

Depending on what will most help you towards meeting your goals, hiring a talent acquisition specialist could be worth it. 

Think about what’s missing right now, and how much you’ll need to be consistently finding good quality people. 

The Verdict: Does Your Startup Really Need a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

A talent acquisition specialist can help you find the right people to take your startup to the next level.

They can attract top talent, help with the screening and selection process, and keep things cohesive with key stakeholders.

When your startup is looking for not only talent but a good long-term fit, a talent acquisition specialist can help. Consider hiring one if high-quality talent is what your business needs right now. If your startup needs part-time specialists, you can use services of an IT outstaffing company, an outside agency, or freelancers.

If the multiple reasons listed in this article ring true for you, it may be time to consider hiring a talent acquisition specialist! Otherwise, it’s always good to keep it in mind as a potential hire later on down the line!

The opinions on this page are for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice on which you should rely.

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