Mia Chappell

Mia Chappell


June 28, 2023

The Importance of Internships

What an internship is and why internships are important for businesses, employees and interns. Read the article to find out more.

The Importance of Internships

Internships are a concept that has been around for over seventy years. While mostly we’re of a day and age that we deconstruct traditions, make new ones, or abandon them entirely, Internships are something we’ve consistently changed and adapted to fit our modern needs for both the Intern and the company taking them on.

The Definition of an Intern

Internships are usually an official programme often handed out to students or graduates in order to give them work experience, most internships ranging from one to twelve months, some being paid, others being unpaid. Not only is the aim to prepare someone for the working world, but it also helps out those taking on the interns. Here’s how:

Why they’re important for the intern


First and foremost, internships gives an intern hands on practice and experience in a professional environment. Upon the opportunity of an internship, a person will earn skills they wouldn’t be able to without that placement, and knowledge not just from the work but from your current employees. They’ll understand how the workplace is navigated and the social aspects of it also, which can’t be done from home or online.


Not only will the intern be exposed to new people, a brand new skill set, and a workplace environment, but the qualification of an internship actually opens up many more doors for the individual. Socially speaking, it will give them many chances to network and create connections that never would have had before!

The future

As previously mentioned, considering interns are often students or graduates, giving them an internship is a helping stepping stone towards their future in the real world. Statistically speaking, according to NACE’s Class 2019 Survey, over 50% of students that got a job offer after graduation were students that had the experience of an internship under their arm. Saying that, however, the intern is not the only one that benefits from the placement.

Why it's important to take on interns

Future employees

Sure, interns can take the internship as a qualification and move on to another job. Or, they could be your future employee. Not just that, but it makes the process of hiring far easier. By the time the internship is up, you know their skill set, abilities, and personality, and will be able to quickly evaluate if they’re the kind of person you want to hire. Scrap the CV reading, the people searching and LinkedIn scavenging; your future employee could be right in front of you.


Companies that take on interns have a reputation that seems far warmer, open minded and diverse, than those that don’t. To students, graduates, and those seeking internships, they’re a lot less intimidated when they know how open you are to hiring interns, no matter the length or payment. With that, your company will be viewed in a very positive light, not just by those seeking the internship, but by a general amount of people, regardless of their position.

New people, new skills, more knowledge

Interns aren’t the only ones that get to meet new people or learn new social skills in the professional environment. Your current employees will probably also learn a lot from your interns, such as new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a different set of social or working skills. Internships certainly aren’t a one way benefiting opportunity, but two way. Whether your company is fairly youthful or a little older, a brand new start up or an established business and company, each new generation of graduates bring something entirely different to the table, so don’t underestimate their abilities or ways that they can help you too!

So, whether you’re looking to hire some interns, or are a student, graduate, or individual that’s looking to become an intern, be aware that everything comes with its cons, such as it taking up a lot of time and the individual needing supervision and help finding their footing. But, ultimately, an internship is a great advantage for both sides involved when done correctly.

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