Daisy Warner

Daisy Warner


July 18, 2023

How recruitment agencies can leverage analytics with Legislate

Read more about the ways recruitment agencies can leverage analytics with contract management platforms, such as tracking metrics and reducing risks.

How recruitment agencies can leverage analytics with Legislate

This article explores some of the ways companies can leverage data to make more informed decisions, streamline their entire process and more.

Data insights

Recruitment agencies can leverage contract data to track data and gain valuable insights across the contract lifecycle. By extracting key metrics across agreements can help companies make data-driven decisions.

Insights into data in a contract can also help identify bottlenecks in the contract process to help companies understand where roadblocks in the hiring process regularly occur, what their impact is, and how to solve them.

Analysing contract data can also help agencies negotiate better terms, identify cost-saving opportunities, and improve contract negotiation strategies. For example, the data may help to understand the sum of recruiting costs versus the total number of hires.

With Legislate, businesses can create and manage their contracts with ease, and extract relevant data from these agreements.

Tracking metrics

Recruitment agencies can track metrics such as turnaround time for contract generation, negotiation cycles, or how long it takes to go from application to offer and what effect that has on drop off rates. By monitoring these metrics, agencies can identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Tracking these metrics also enables agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of contract templates, negotiate better terms, and optimise resource allocation.

Risk mitigation

By leveraging data from automated contract management platforms, such as Legislate, recruitment agencies can measure potential risks based on the information in the contracts.

Legislate can help companies stay on top of their contract milestones and patterns, expiration and renewal dates which reduces the risk of missed deadlines and contract disputes. This also helps make informed business decisions to mitigate the risks.


By leveraging data from previous contracts, agencies can identify the most effective clauses, terms, and conditions. They can create templates that reflect best practices, reducing the time spent on contract drafting and negotiation. Standardised contracts also ensure consistency and prevents errors or risky terms by using automation and searchable terms.

Legislate allows companies to create and manage contracts within the platform, or import legacy contracts to the platform.

Compliance and auditing

Contract management platforms help recruitment agencies maintain compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Recruitment agencies can also analyse contractual terms allowing them to adjust their contracts and practices accordingly. By capturing and organising contract data, agencies can easily retrieve information during audits or compliance checks.

Legislate offers compliance as a service as companies can easily demonstrate they are compliant with data protection regulations, client-specific requirements, or industry standards.

Privacy and security

Automated contract management software ensures all contracts and the data they contain remain secure as they are stored in a centralised place. The automation system manages the permissions and access controls for contracts and legal signatories.


Legislate empowers businesses to take control of their legal agreements. Our platform allows you to create bespoke contracts tailored to your specific needs. With Legislate, people can also sign contracts electronically, making the process more efficient. Book a demo or sign up today.

The opinions on this page are for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice on which you should rely.

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